Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Him? Not now, please

A post i've been keeping for soooo long!
It's for you my love..


Ukhty habibty,

I know you think a lot of him.
I know you worry a lot of his well being.
I know you care about him.
I know you miss him.

Fair enough to say,
ok, you 'like' him.
and not too extreme to say, 'love' him?

But dear sister,

He doesn't deserve your attention.
He doesn't deserve your care and concern.
He doesn't deserve your thoughts.
He is not worthy of all these- yet.

He is NOT your husband.

Your parents, close sisters and friends,
They deserve your attention, concern, love and time..

Most importantly, you have ALLAH and HIS Rasul (s)! More to learn, know about. What else to give Them their due right- that is to LOVE Them more than anything?..

Allah and Rasulullah (s) and all these people around you have their rights that you need to fullfil,

NOT HIM-yet.
Not him, not until he's halal for you!!

After all, who promises you he's the one that Allah had decreed for, to be your future husband?

What if his name wasn't written in lauh mahfuz all this while??
And that you'd been spending time crying over nights- for him?

Let not what is not in your hands distracts you from focusing what's in your hands now..

Face it, he is not worthy of your attention, energy and time- yet.

I hate how he takes you away from us all, now.

Not now, please..

We keep making dua if he's the one for you, Allah will bless you both with marriage, one day. InshaAllah.

If it's not him, i believe Allah will definitely give you someone better- THE BEST!
That's what you asked from HIM right?
And never didn't HE answer your dua, did HE?
Maybe a lil bit delay in time, but worth waiting, eyh? :)

So no worries...

Stay focus, my love.
Bare with us.

InnAllaha ma'assobirin.. :)

*Stay strong*

A post to keep you and me-strong, with so much love and peace,
Umm Teem

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  1. This is a very deep post. The words were thought provoking. I like!