Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ukhty Alima: Love Unveiled

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

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By Ukht Alima Ashfaq

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Hope the glimpses of this eBook will give you the main ideas on what's happening here!

1. What is the Mysterious thing called LOVE?
" You need to know what is love is, so you can differentiate between LOVE and LUST. Whether it's BEFORE marriage or AFTER. Once you know what it's not-YOU CAN FOCUS ON ACHIEVEING WHAT IT IS.."

2. Marriage in Islam?
"Once you understand the importance of MARRIAGE IN ISLAM, your desire to get married will increase, and you will want to DO IT CORRECTLY in order to attain happiness within this relationship If you're married, you will learn the IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING THIS RELATIONSHIP in the good times and bad, as it's something that is emphasized in the Shari'ah and Allah wants the best for you.."

My comments: And here, in this part it goes on correcting your misconceptions on marriage. Marriage is not to just SATISFY one's LUST as many people think, alright? Not to be perceived as a one-day picnic where people just have fun for quite some time and leave after the 'picnic moment' is over! It's more than that. It's all about RESPONSIBILITY-beautifully and happily carried upon the married couples if they do things right.. :)

3. Mekka and Madina
"Two blessed lands, yet very unique and different in their own ways. Once you learn the importance of the other and give both its due right-life will be at ease.... Your marriage will be at ease!"


My comments: Beautiful analogy! Instead of having "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus", now we have "Men Are from Mekka, Women Are from Medina".. How sweet! MashaAllah..

4. I Want You.... But I Fear Allah!
"This life is a test and you have to protect yourself. once you understand the importance of protecting yourself from falling into haraam, you will actively seek to stay away from this and success will be yours.."

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"It's your choice. The life you choose to lead is due to the choices you make. If you make them right with the intelligence then you won't go wrong. If you're hasty and you go into a road without a calculated decision then you're setting yourself up for trouble.."

pss: Recall on what a wise man said to me once, "Marriage is no longer significant to many men today because the world is so corrupted-that they have all those means to get what they want, at anytime, anywhere.. So why should they burden themselves with responsibilities (marriage)?"

Allah musta'an.
Wallahu alam..


  1. I would like to share the new website of iamAlima, which is better and updated Alhamdulillaah :)