Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get Them Excited !

Assalamu'alaykum wrm wbt my dear sisters!!

As i was reading the Quran this morning, i was reminded of my Quran teacher during my childhood. I somehow was sooooo inspired to write this post, Allahu Akbar!

I realized that her inspiration had really inspired me, A LOT. SubhanAllah..
She used to make me love my Quran class sooooo muchhhh..
Her smile, her warm-welcoming face, softness and she was very friendly.
Someone that you would be excited to meet everyday!

Ya Allah, wherever she is right now, please have mercy and increase her in blessings in dunya and akhirah!

So i was thinking to myself, just as much as she had inspired me, why don't i share my experience and my humble thoughts on how to get your kids/ small siblings (best to start at a very early age) to LOVE THE QURAN!

*Wink Wink*

What You Need:

1. A student or two. As i don't prefer large group of students- my span focus is kinda limited. So up to you :)

2. The Quran. One mushaf for you and give your student each. (Give to them as a gift and tell them how valuable it is for them to keep)

3. A Quran with translation and tafseer. (In language that your prefer)

What To Do?

1. If your potential student (let say a kid) has not shown any interest to learn Al-Quran, make him/her (Now, let's say 'him'). Let him sees what you do- how keen you are to read and read and read the mushaf and how keen and passionate you are to have your own time (privacy i would say) with your mushaf. Let him wonder why are you acting as such.

2. Make sure you have the time to give hint to him on what you are doing and tell how excited you are, how amazing you are feeling and how happy you are !

3. When he has started to ask you what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing, that's when you trigger his interest. Say, "You seriously want to know? Hmm.." and start telling him some stories in the Quran. Get him to sit with you for a period of time. (But make sure you are not giving him too much info, he might get bored. Give little so that he will crave for more stories from you inshaAllah :)

4. Let him know in the end, there are other amazing stories in The Quran and if he wants to know more, tell him to see you again some other time. (Make a promise on when and where exactly you can do so with him- best applied to my own siblings, used to do it when they were small, bi ithnillah)

5. Next time he sits with you again, tell him that you have a very valuable gift for him. Also tell him to make wudhu (ablution) before you hand it over to him. Tell him why you wanted him to do so- The gift is sooo valuable and precious that it needs you and him and anyone else to take wudhu before touching it and that you need him to promise you to take very good care of it, handle it nicely as it's an amanah (and tell him you would be sad if he doesn't). Only then, give him the Quran :)

6. Next , see how he wants to go about it. I would suggest that you teach him memorization with tajweed. Have only 3-5 verses a day for him to memorize by heart. To make him motivated to do so, promise him that you are going to share a wonderful story relates to the verses (your task: find for tafseer/ asbabun nuzul of these verses to share with him). Again, not to share too much with him, he might get tired and bored.

7. After he has finished memorizing, let him recite to you, assist him to memorize and
correct him if necessary. Praise him if he managed to do so correctly and remind him how happy Allah will be with him. Also, tell him, how confident you are on his ability to memorize the entire Quran some day (don't forget to smile and look into his eyes :)

8. Make a promise to meet again with him for more amazing stories, inshaAllah :)

If you realize, THE STUDENT that i referred to here in this article was expected to have a fundamental knowledge and understanding of tawheed- such as believe in Allah, HIS messengers, etc (The tenets of faith). Therefore, if your student does not have this, explain to him what he needs to know when these matters are brought up and that you realize he is not knowing any of them. May Allah give ease in your affairs! Aamin!


Some kids may have high curiosity. Just make sure you let them stay in that condition whenever you leave them at the end of the session you have with them. You may leave them with few questions for them to think and ponder upon in regards to what you are going to share with them in next class. So that they may become eager to see you for the Quran session you will have with them in future, inshaAllah.

For example,
"There's a surah in the Quran that talks about an ant. Amazingly, a man was given a blessing to hear them talking! Do you know who? Hm... You know what, i think i'm gonna share this with you in our next session, inshaAllah"

That should work, inshaAllah :)

Recalling on the time when i was late to my Quran class and the class had ended by the time i reached home from school in the evening. I somehow gushed to the class with my head scarf in one hand and my Quran in the other hand. I was really hoping that she will allow me to sit with her for that evening. And alhamdulillah, she did allow me, even though i was alone. O' Allah, how inspiring she was back then, until today alhamdulillah !

Barakallahu feeha! 
May Allah bless her! Aaamin..

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*In The Making of The Next Best Generation of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah: Our Next Caliphs and Next Ummahatul Mukminun. InshaAllah*