Monday, January 30, 2012

'SisterHood', As Defined in Our Own Way :)

Bismillah. Assalamu'alaykum!

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[Me] Assalamu'alaykum my kakak! My oh my. i wish there's a bro like u so that i can marry him :D
Miss u n ur sister. Hope to c u girls soon inshaAllah :)

‎[Sis P] :O

[Me] What does ':O' suppose to mean?? :D

[Sis P] hehe, i first read n went like 'waaaaaaat!' in my head, so i comented such. haha

[Sis Q] Wa alaikum assalam wrt wbt my super cool adik!

Lol! what a lovely msg! hehehe! I wish the prince who forgot his way or lost his horse saw this msg! :P 

Miss you more my dear! see you soooon habibti ♥ ♥ ♥

As i posted to my dear friend's FB wall (Sis Q). We used to tease each other, what a great couple we could be with a spouse of each other's personality- uhuh. we are that close as sisters that we could joke around this way. Alhamdulillah. So don't get us wrong! We are normal human beings with normal fitrah Allah has created. We don't fall in love with girls.. :)

And she replied (So did her lovely younger sister- Sis P). Haha.

*Guess i really miss all of my friends, or dearer to call them my 'sisters', who i love for Allah's sake..*

"There are some people who your heart knows so well that you count their company as one of your greatest blessings of this life.."
As posted by another sister.. My, oh my.. You read my mind ;) 


I always have fun with you all whenever we get together. 

How our gatherings always bring serene, happiness and tranquil to my heart. Deeply immerse in  warm, soothing sense of love- deep in the heart, the ONLY place which holds one's eman.. 
*Did i describe it correctly?*

How we spent our good time sharing stories, lessons learned throughout the day...
And the best part of it, how we came to relate all these with Islam. Awesome! MashaAllah..

How we remind each other of taqwa and patience in times of hardship and remind each other to say 'thank you Allah!' in times of ease.

How you girls rush to be the first to conceal each others' faults and giving your  hands to correct me while being the best advisor/counsellor to one another when i'm truly in need. Surprised to know you girls really get to know each others' updates so quick! Good WCCC, i'd to say. Wireless-care-and-concern connection ;)


I really thank Allah for all these great blessings:
  • righteous (and fun!) companions (and Allah knows best). 
  • sweetness of faith and the 'eman-rush'.
  • All the good times we had in remembering, talking about and calling for Allah (and will always continue experiencing them, inshaAllah). Recalling on those moments we were in troubles (and we could still laugh? LOL) Cool. Guess this 'emergency moments' is one of our best teachers (!) to teach us beautiful patience, total reliance and hope on Allah. Another best part of it, we faced all these amazing facets of life together, biithnillah.
  • The chance to improve ourselves to be better muslima.. 
This is what i called "Sisterhood", just the way we define it. ;)

Life is awesome with this awesome deen of its awesome people, who choose to believe its awesome gift of life offered. 

Thank you Allah.

A post to appreciate
Umm Teem

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