Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ALLAH'S SAYS Vs syaithan's says

Shaitan says that your hijab doesn't make you look pretty.
Allah tells you that your beauty is only for your husband to see.

Shaitan says your eyebrows are too bushy; they need to be shaped neatly.
Allah reminds you that there's no need to change His creation because He has created you with beauty.

Shaitan says you look hot in those skinny jeans and transparent tops.
Allah warns you that hell is hotter and shaitan's plan always flops.

Shaitan offers you moments of worldly pleasures.
Allah promises you in the Hereafter many treasures.

And yet,
such is the plight of us Muslims,
we follow our whims
as if there is no Day of Accountability to come,
where Jannah will only be given to some. :(

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