Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VID: Teach Islam

Assalamu'alaykum wrm wbt..

Sharing this with my circle of relatives and friends. Pls kindly spread the khayr and share the ajr. 
Jazakumullahu khayran.



Where should Islamic education come/start off from?
Not from the khatibs, the imams, or anyone else before the family institution, of course.

But the issue here is that what our parents used to do 10-20 years may no longer be relevant to our world today..

So... Here, bro Nouman Ali Khan addressed few humble tips, (such an eye-opener subhanAllah) on IMPROVING, preparing ourselves for the next generation- by starting off with the QURAN- LOVING THE QURAN

Yes, there are some parts of the education need not to be changed as how the teachings were revealed to the anbiya. 

But with the zombie consumerism?
PSP/Gamebox freaks-lifestyle? 
And more challenges and irresistible temptation today's generation is facing/experiencing/struggling to overcome,
How can we start loving the quran? 
Thus to instill this in today and next generation? 
Practically, how do we do that?

I mean, seriously, think about this.

Some of us are an elder brother/sister to other siblings.
Some are teachers by profession.
And some maybe, sooner or later, going to get kids or to get married.
We are going to be a husband,/wife, next a father/mother..
Or the least, to be a role model, an exemplary to others around us, if Allah wills.

I humbly invite all of you to watch this.

So pls watch~!

Like Bro NAK said, yea, syaithan will come to you, make you yarn and feel sleepy, or suddenly bother you with meetings that you have, 'important' things to do, bla bla bla- when you want to do good things, when you want to spend quality times listening and reciting the Quran with our family.. Or even when you want to WATCH THIS VIDEO!

So pls watch till the last, stay with bro NAK pls..

'We have to become the Nation of Al-Quran- US AND OUR CHILDREN, and the next generation (inshaAllah)'

Here's the video:

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