Friday, December 14, 2012

How we USED to feel and think

2 interesting poems....
(My comments at the end)

#1 A Simple Smile, A Scream Inside

There's so much no one knows,
So much that no one sees,
About the way I feel inside,
my thoughts and all my needs.

Maybe it's that they don't look,
Or the fact that I don't show,
Either way, there are things inside
that no one seems to know.

I want to show the world,
I want everyone to see,
all the thoughts and ideas
that flow inside of me.

Maybe you haven't noticed,
or maybe you don't dare,
to find out who I am,
to show me that you care.

I'm screaming on the inside,
a smile is what you see,
But I'm not content with the person
I seem to be.

There's a different person on the inside,
that I can't seem to show,
but maybe if you took the time,
that person you could know..

"Taken from Chicken Soup For The Teen Soul"

#2 Stone By Stone

I have a wall you cannot see
because it's deep inside of me
it blocks my heart on every side
and helps emotions there to hide
you cant reach in
i cant reach out
you wonder what it's all about

the wall i built that you cant see
results from insecurity
each time my tender heart was hurt
the scars within grew worse and worse
so stone by stone
i built a wall
thats now so thick it will not fall

please understand that its not you
continue trying to break through
i want so much to show myself
and love from you will really help
so bit by bit
chip at my wall
til stone by stone it starts to fall

i know the process will be slow
its never easy to let go
of hurts and failures long ingrained
upon one's heart from years of pain
im so afraid
to let you in
i know i might get hurt again

i try to hard to break the wall
but seem to get nowhere at all
for stone upon each stone ive stacked
and left between them not a crack
the only way
to make it fall is imperfections in the wall

i did the best i could to build
a perfect wall, but there are still
a few small flaws, which "is" the key
to breaking through the wall to me
please use each flaw
to cause a crack
to knock a stone off of the stack

for just as stone by stone was laid
with every hurt and every pain
so stone by stone the wall will break
as love replaces every ache
please be the one
who cares enough
to find the flaws, no matter what

Stone by Stone, "Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul" by Rachel Bentley


ps: These are the poems that as a teenager, i used to like.
(Found them after few years ! Via Syaykh Googly Google)
Such a typical teen girl.
But seriously, that's how most of the teens today feel. Hmmmm...  :/
(If you get what i mean- from what you understood from the poem)

Again, i used to (Read: USED TO) read and like these poems.
I used to- so they unnecessarily resemble my personality/identity/character for today.
(I'm a BIG girl now, a young adult alhamdulillah) :D

Anyhow, reflecting upon these 2, can u imagine how much these young people wanted us (who are so-called so concern and care of them) to listen to them, 'reach' to their feelings and thoughts, to understand and to be genuinely sympathy and empathy towards them..

To my second thought, do we realize, how frustrating and disappointing it is to see so many of them came from a broken family institution, having their potential talents to be polished-retarded then destroyed.

And then you can see in some of them having psychological disorders accumulated in them, such feelings/thought or (should i say) inferior complexity developed within them and then expressed, waiting to be heard, understood and taken 'heed' from those who may concern or from who they seek unreplied attention from, which their family members had failed to do so in the first place ! It's so painful to see this. SubhanAllah.. Seriously it is. Allahul musta'an.. :(

I feel for them.

Now, i believe we have to do something about this.
It's time for action. Let's start from small ones, at smaller scale.
Not to forget making or bringing changes for the larger scale- to help all kids from the entire world- Doesn't seem feasible enough for me, not yet. Allahu a'alam)
Let's start with the people near us.
Let's start listening to those around us.
Let's us see what can we do to help them.
Let's try our best.
Let's begin with those who are the closest to us.
Let's do something.
I know it's worth something. InshaAllah.

It's better than not trying at all.
From there, we can move to greater plans targeting to a bigger scale.
If you get what i mean here. InshaAllah :)

Ya Rabb, please bless us all in our age, wealth, health, family and most importantly,
Pls bless us with strong iman and taqwa..

*Concern of the youth today*
Blissful with love and peace,
Umm Teem

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