Saturday, January 8, 2011



My dear sisters..

How could you refuse to wear hijab?
How could you refuse jannah?

If you are to be the Miss Universe, know that you are not as beautiful as Prophet Yusuf a.s..
If you are to be the MIss Popular, know that you are not as popular and great as Prophet Muhammad (saw)
If you are to be a millionaire, know that you are not as rich as Prophet Sulayman a.s..

Your beauty, popularity, money-none will remain forever!
So it's not worth it to forgo you obligations in covering your awra just for all these temporary pleasures?
I'd rather cover my awra for the sake of permanent pleasure: Jannah..

InshaAllah.. May Allah be pleased with all of our deeds fiddunya wa akhira.. :))


  1. assalamualaikum :))
    nak mintak copy isi post nie blh?..
    buat dikongsi dgn org len jugak~~ ;)
    arigato' !